Living Springs Baptist Church

Living Springs Baptist Church is an independent Baptist assembly, by that we mean that we have no ties to any Association, Corporation, Denomination or Governmental agency. We are Baptist by our Faith (doctrine) not because of denominational affiliations. We would not be offended if we were labeled "old school" or "primitive" because of our simple worship style and belief in the Scripture as our final authority over the opinions, doctrines and philosophies of men. We sing Hymns and spiritual songs, we read and preach from the King James Version of the Bible and pray. We do not entertain or attempt to induce human emotions for a response from the congregation but rather depend upon the work of the Holy Spirit in our midst to arouse our passion and love for the Lord Jesus. If Christ be not glorified then we have no purpose to exist.

We believe that the family is a God ordained institution and believe that the family should be together in corporate worship. We support home-schoolers and encourage them in the raising of their children. We believe the family to be the cornerstone of society and the break down of society as the direct result of the destruction of the family values and culture.

The Biblical order of the home with the Husband as the head of the family with all of its responsibilities and accountability. We teach that the wife is to serve in a subordinate, yet powerful role in the home. The Husband to love his wife as Christ loved the Church and gave himself for it. The wife co-equal to the husband in value yet subordinate in position. Christ giving us the example as He was co-equal with the Father yet in his humanity was subordinate unto Him, even unto the death of the Cross. We hold our ladies in very high regard and though this teaching is abused by some and refused by others we believe this to be Biblical and therefore unalterable.

We are biblically intolerant of all forms of perversion, seduction and modern liberalism. We do not believe the Bible to teach fairness, toleration of perversion and complicity but equity, judgment and righteousness. We abhor all anti-Biblical practices and principles as that "wisdom" which is "earthly, sensual and devilish".

If you will be visiting with us this is what you can expect. You will be coming to a residence and to a very small group of people. You will be warmly and gladly welcomed and we will not put pressure on you to participate. If you have children they are quite welcomed. We know that small children can be distracting but do not be embarrassed, we are used to such distraction. We will sing a few hymns and Pastor Hethorn will then preach what the Lord has given him from his study and meditations for the week. After the morning preaching service you will be invited to have lunch with us. Please do not think that you need to bring anything or "contribute". This is a ministry of the Church and you are quite welcomed to be a part of our "fellowship meal". After the meal there is time to rest, fellowship, or take a walk. At 2pm we will begin our afternoon Bible study. You are more then welcomed to stay or if you need to go that is quite fine as well. We will pray for you and encourage you in the things of the Lord.

Pastor David Hethorn and his wife have been married for forty-one years and have three children and ten grandchildren. Pastor Hethorn graduated with a B. A. in Theology from Faithful Baptist College and has a love for early Church History. He was ordained to the gospel ministry in 1988 and has served in the Lord's churches for nearly forty years. His sermons and delivery style demonstrates a passion and love for the Word of God. His personal life experiences are often expressed to highlight and illustrate some precious truth, giving application for daily living in the light of that truth.

Pastor David Hethorn
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