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Morning Bible Study 10:00 AM - Worship Service 11:00 AM

About Living Springs Baptist Church

Living Springs Baptist Church is a church that holds to the historic Baptist Faith. We are not Protestant , our predecessors existed long before a Protestant churches every existed. Our antiquity even pre-dates the Catholics.

We are located in Coeur d Alene, ID. Our beliefs are based on the Bible and centered on Jesus Christ. Our mission is very simple: to propagate the gospel, make disciples and glorify Jesus Christ. That means we’re not about a building or some complicated religious system, but about preaching the gospel to all  people and that by God's grace they might come to discover the joy that comes from knowing and serving Jesus Christ.

We invite you to come and check us out this Sunday in our regular worship service. We know that going to a new church can be intimidating, so we try to do things in a way where you will feel welcome. When you come, you can participate or just sit back and observe. You’ll discover a warm atmosphere, practical teaching from God's Word and friendly people who love the Lord Jesus Christ. 


We are of the historic Baptist Faith and have as our Confession the 1646 London Confession of Faith. This document is truly a Baptist work and properly discerns the faith of Baptist in times past. It is quite unfortunate that most modern Baptist no long hold to this historic faith, however we continue in it, not as a tradition but rather because we believe this is what the Word of God teaches. 


At Living Springs Baptist Church we place a stong value on the family. We support home-schoolers, we believe that the family should, as a family, participate in the worship service together. Our gatherings are family gatherings. We don't separate children from their parents or segregate children from children. We believe the Bible to teach family and congregational worship.


Living Springs Baptist Church is directed by that Great Shepherd of the Sheep, the Lord Jesus Christ through the New Testament writings.. We recognize that the Lord has placed in his church under-shepherds, men of quality and leadership abilities. These are called Bishops/Elders by the Word of God and are placed among the sheep by the Great Shepherd for the feeding and tending of the flock of God. You can learn more about the leadership at Living Springs by visiting our leadership page.