Morning Bible study 10:00AM


1713 W Marlborough Ave
Coeur d Alene, ID 83815


Elder/Pastor David Hethorn

Welcome to Living Springs Baptist Church

We at Living Springs Baptist Church invite you to worship with us! 

We are an independent Church free from any oversight by Synods, Denominations, Ruling Elders, Associations, even Government intrusion. We support homeschooling, the Constitution, and the God-given right of self-preservation and freedom of conscience. We are a unique church in the Coeur d Alene area in that we are not "Reformation born." We come from a long line of adherents to Biblical Christianity since the time of Christ. Though not originally called Baptist in early times they received the distinction of "ana-baptist" in their habit of rebaptizing those who were not of their "Faith." Though the "ana" has been dropped from the name we are of the same Faith, taught by the Apostles, believed on in the churches, and carried to us by our forefathers.

Living Springs BaptistChurchh is a spiritual body of believers having received gospel baptism, meeting regularly for the purpose of edifying, encouraging, strengthening this body of Christ in this wicked and perverse world. We believe our members ought to live holy, godly lives and testify of the grace and glory of the Lord Jesus.

This church stands in opposition to Arminianism, Ecumenicalism, Pentecostalism, Free Masons, Sexual perversion in all its forms including the LGBTQ community, Socialism, Communism, and all unconstitutional actions of the Federal Government. We stand only for what is found written in the Holy Word of God and translated in English, the King James Bible.

At each service, we gather for worship and to study God’s word. Our service is simple and characteristic of those of the Old Faith. We read and preach from the word of God, our singing is that of hymns and congregational, our prayers and praise are offered to God as a spiritual sacrifice.

You will discover the unique nature of Living Springs Baptist Church, for God has promised to ever abide in his Church. Our website is just an introduction to the spirit of our church. We want you to feel at home and comfortable here. We are pleased to welcome you.

Please join us for an upcoming worship service.