Morning Bible study 10:00AM
Morning Worship 11:00AM


3900 E. 16th Ave. Suite C
Post Falls, ID 83854


David Hethorn, Pastor
Israel Marin, Assoc. Pastor
509-565-9227 (Spanish Ministry)

Welcome to Living Springs Baptist Church

We at Living Springs Baptist Church invite you to worship with us! 

I was recently asked what we as a church had to offer. What do we have that will make someone want to come to our church? My answer to this question is, we offer nothing but the preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ. No slogans, no promises and programs, no ad campaigns, nothing to entice you to visit our church beyond the Gospel. We don’t offer any entertainment, no worship teams, no guitars, no drums, nothing except the preaching of the Gospel of Christ. We don’t offer comedy, coffee, and group feel-good secessions, we preach only Christ. We don’t want you leaving our service all “pumped-up” for the week, but rather under the conviction of the Holy Spirit to live for Christ, obey His word, and serve Him with all your heart, mind, body, and strength. Our church is not for the proud, the arrogant, the flamboyant, or the popular. We serve one another and our precious Lord in humility of spirit and mind. 

You see Living Springs Baptist Church is for those who love the Lord Jesus and are serious about doctrine, faith, obedience, and true fellowship. We sing hymns because we believe that our songs ought to reflect true worship. Our church polity is according to the gospel because of what the Scriptures teach and not the world corporate system. We teach doctrine because it is what we are commanded by the Lord to teach. We believe in obedience to the Holy Word and living godly, sanctified lives as imitations of our Lord. 

Our church is not for everybody, but it is for those who seek the Lord and his mercy and grace each day. It is for those who desire to learn, to dig deep into the Holy Scriptures that they might know Him. It is for those who desire to serve and work and fellowship in a church of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Please join us for an upcoming worship service.