Morning Bible study 10:00AM


3900 E. 16th Ave. Suite C
Post Falls, ID ID


Elder/Pastor David Hethorn

Welcome to Living Springs Baptist Church

We at Living Springs Baptist Church invite you to worship with us! 

We are an independent Baptist Church with only one desire, to follow the Lord Jesus Christ as is manifested in the Holy Scripture. 

Many people have various opinions as to how or what they think a church should believe or look like. While we are not so much about conformity to a style, we are desirous to be in conformity to what the Lord teaches in His Holy  Word. The Bible is not God's opinion but rather the word of Truth.
We find in the word of God that the preaching of the Scripture is fundamental to the faith of Christ. We want all God's dear children to be well taught in the Holy Scriptures therefore, we endeavor to preach ONLY what is found in the Bible. We believe in teaching the whole counsel of God. While others say they do the same they tend to ignore and or just lightly touch on the Biblical teaching on election or predestination. We never pass over such important doctrines as these just because some people consider them "controversial."   We preach that salvation is by GRACE and that repentance and faith are the manifestations of that grace in conversion.

You will discover the unique nature of Living Springs Baptist Church, for God has promised to ever abide in his Church. Our website is just an introduction to the spirit of our church. We want you to feel at home and comfortable here. We are pleased to welcome you.

Please join us for an upcoming worship service.