What To Expect


MORNING Bible Study 10:00 AM - Worship Service 11:00 AM

We Look Forward To Meeting You!

Welcome to Living Springs Baptist Church. We’ve put together some information here that anticipates and tries to briefly answer some of the questions you may have prior to visiting our church for the first time:


When you arrive, you will notice you are coming to a residence within a mobile home community. There is plenty of guest parking and we ask that you not park on the street itself but in a parking area. It is the residence of our Pastor, and he has dedicated a portion of the house for our meetings. If you are a family or group of 3+, we ask that you might give us a call or email us so that we can be sure to have seating for you. As the Lord blesses our assembly with more people, we will be arranging for larger accommodations.

Our service is simple, much like it was in the early churches. We have Bible studies, corporate worship, congregational singing, and prayer. We are a small group of people, so you can feel right at home.

Family Friendly

 We are excited to have you for a visit and hope that you might eventually become a part of our assembly.  Our intent is to serve the whole family therefore we practice a long-forgotten tradition of an integrated family service. The children stay in the meeting with the adults during our worship service and Bible study; the parents being responsible for the child's behavior. If there is a need to take care of an unruly child or a baby that needs attending, we have a place where these needs can be attended to.

Our activities are family oriented because we believe this is Biblical and in the highest order of God's model for society. The world is intent on destroying the foundation of all society, the family. We are not of this world, nor do we desire to promote the "world" model in our church.

We support homeschoolers and greatly encourage parents who are willing to meet the challenge of educating their own children at home. We offer encouragement and counseling on how to promote a godly home in the midst of a confusing world.


From the pulpit you will hear sound expository preaching. The focus of each sermon is built around a Biblical text with its theology and practical application expounded for the edification of the children of God. While we are not opposed to appropriate humor or of a good-natured laugh; we take the things of God very seriously. You will not hear jokes and attempts from the pulpit to entertain you. We are not going to try and manipulate your emotions with sad stories or provoke a response from you. We are not going to “pump you up,” with pep-rally hype and “guilt trips.”  We believe that the preaching of the gospel of Christ and the working of the Holy Spirit is sufficient to convince you in mind and spirit the truth of God’s word, and that you will believe from the heart those things written and declared to you from the word of God.

Biblical Teaching

Here at Living Springs Baptist Church, we place a high priority on the preaching and teaching of God's Word. The worship service is a time for us to come together as an assembly to learn, be encouraged and to be challenged by God's Word. We will not waste your time with speculation and supposition, but rather give a sound exposition of the Scriptures with a practical application. If something is not taught in the Bible by precept and example, then it should never be taught as Bible.